Tuesday, June 7, 2016

27th Posting - The Transformation!

Wow! It is finally all coming together. This spring I was able to spend quite a bit of time working on the cabin. Once we got the floors down, I turned my attention to painting. Since the walls are adobe (mud!) I had to figure out a way to secure them. I decided to go with KILZ2 as the primer, because it creates a good surface bond and solidifies the wall. Just the first coat in my 16x24 cabin took SEVENTEEN GALLONS of primer!! But it was worth it. The second coat took only 6 gallons and by then the wall had a nice feel to it. It was fun experimenting with colors while doing the primer, but in the end I settled for a cream/rose color for all four walls, and a bright 'in-your-face' red delicious for just the back buttress.
The floor was painted dark brown like the trim in the cabin and that matched nicely. 
We put down about 120 square feet of white patterned tile in the 'kitchen' area.
Then I put down a bunch of area rugs, moved in a sofa, big stuffed chair, and my PIANO!
 A wood stove and a few paintings on the wall, and VOILA! Home Sweet Home!
Saturday June 11 is a cabin-warming and BBQ at the cabin and we are expecting 40 to 50 guests to come help celebrate this amazing project!
Many thanks to all who helped along the way.

Lots of rain this spring left the cabin in a beautiful green setting.
The walls and buttress are painted. Ruth works on the floor.

Here's the tri-color - cream, red, and dark brown.

Ruth helps on the tile floor in the 'kitchen' area.

Valerie is on the roof, working on the hole for the chimney.

Gaylene admires the little wood stove on its black pad. 

The piano is in! It sits on its own little area rug.

Interior overview looking southeast. Piano, buttress, and stuffed chair.

Overview looking northeast. Sofa, chair, wood stove, and buttress.

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