Saturday, June 18, 2011

11th Posting - A new year of building

Here it is past the middle of June and spring is barely here, let alone summer! For the last 4 months we have been incessantly hammered with snow, rain, rain, snow, rain and more rain. There is a lot of flooding around Montana, but what most people don't realize is that the snow pack in the higher elevations is just now beginning to melt..... and it's 200% of average!
I planted three big trees early this spring on a rare occasion when the ground was dry enough to get out there, and they are now doing beautifully. They are in memory of my friend Bob.
This is the driveway up to the cabin, just to show how unusually green and lush it is.

The Missouri River is trying to appropriate our road!
If the water rises much more, our road will be impassable.

We did get some work done this past week finally. My sisters Val and Gaylene, and my brother-in-law Andy helped. This view is looking at the southwest corner, which now sports another window frame and several new rows of bags.

Also the east and south walls have new rows on them.
Now I'm leaving for two tours back-to-back, so had to put all the tarps back over the walls to protect from the sun - of course I had to do it in the rain!

The wildflowers on the land are beautiful this year!

I plan on being home the end of July and the first two weeks of August to work on the cabin. A couple friends of mine are already planning on joining me on the project and anyone else who would like to pitch in is more than welcome!