Wednesday, May 8, 2013

20th Posting - The Roof is done and windows are getting installed

Big progress! It's really looking like a cabin now. As I take off for another tour, I leave the cabin with a roof with the roofing finished, and three windows installed! I love walking into the cabin and looking up at the high back wall (12') and the two east windows in it. It feels much bigger than I had envisioned it while building.
In the first picture below you can see the finished roof and the installed south window. You may also notice in the photos that we have burlap stapled to the upper wood walls. That is so when we put adobe on later it will still better than just to plywood. Adobe will go right up to the roof line. Around the windows we will apply adobe up to the edges to finish them off.

The roof with rolled roofing and the installed south window.

Photo taken from half a mile away with zoom, to show how it blends into the landscape.

My sister Valerie helps install the studs on the side wall.

Ruth does a balancing act putting nails in the plywood.
Ruth came out from Indiana for a week to help finish the roof and work on the windows.

Between the I-joists we put sturdy pieces of foam board.

We solidified the foam board with expandable spray insulation.

Ruth tacks on some of the roofing.

Above the door and window frames we filled the gaps with foam board.

Then we put adobe over the foam board to finish and insulate the gaps.

The 'kitchen' window has adobe all around it now.

The south window is installed. Adobe to follow.

Looking at the newly-installed south window and west kitchen window.

My friend Kathy Aaron helped with windows and models the kitchen window and front of the cabin.
The beginning of June I hope to get the other windows and the two doors installed. Wow.