Monday, April 15, 2013

19th Posting - The Cabin has a ROOF!!

The cabin finally has a roof!
My sister Valerie helped me quite a bit with it. At this point, the I-joists are up, the plywood is laid, and it is covered with tar paper. I'll be gone a week now, but end of April we plan to put the final roofing on and do a lot of the 'little' work involved with finishing off the roof, as well as put on another coat of adobe! Still lots of work to do, but now it really looks like a cabin!

My cabin with a roof

Valerie hammers in the last of the brackets that will hold the I-joists.

On Wednesday, April 10, Simkins-Hallin delivered 20 24-foot I-joists,
as well as the plywood to cover them. 

A balancing act, putting on the I-joists 

Laying the I-joists in their brackets

Valerie admires our finished product.
We got all the I-joists in place that afternoon yet. 

And we got one sheet of plywood laid before calling it a day.

Thursday I spent the day working on the roof alone. I got all the rest of the plywood on the roof.

Side view with all the plywood on.

Friday, Valerie and Elgin came out again to help finish securing the plywood, and we also trimmed the edges all around. Elgin is a good nailer!

By Friday evening it began to look like a respectable cabin.

The inside of the cabin looks much different with a roof overhead! 

Saturday I was back at work putting tar paper over the plywood.
The late-evening light illuminates the landscape and the tar-papered roof.

Mother came out Monday to inspect the progress and was duly impressed!


  1. The cabin's looking well and fine, Kent! And even though the completion is taking long, I still feel happy for you that your dream cabin was finally set to work. I like your adobe walls, by the way. I'm excited how you're going to work on the interior and how the finished cabin would look like. Good luck! Chassidy Bednarz

  2. Congratulations on the new roof! Though the progress is kinda slow, you still managed to make it more beautiful on every update. Are you done with this cabin now? I hope you can update us in your next post. :)

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