Thursday, September 13, 2012

17th posting - Adobe is on all the walls!

Thursday, September 13, my sister Valerie helped me start on the last wall with the adobe. 
Now that the walls are all covered with adobe, I can probably work on the roof this winter when we have decent weather. You can't do adobe work if it's too cold, but we typically have lots of nice enough days in the winter for working on a roof. The next posting will be when significant framing is done for the roof.
In this picture, you can see the north exterior wall still showing the earth bags. Valerie took the picture just before we started throwing mud!

By late afternoon the north wall was done.

A look at the interior of the cabin - it looks more like a cabin with the adobe on the walls.

My little adobe cabin, hidden away in the woods.

One more view from the southwest, looking northeast.


  1. I like the idea of an earth-house building. And I must say you did a great job with layering the adobe onto the walls. It requires rigorous work. But the good part comes with how little you have to spend for the whole construction. Are you planning that for a vacation house? The idea is great, particularly that some people even pay to stay in an Adobe cabin for a few days. :) What kind of roof do you plan to install on it, by the way? Tyrone Speelman

    1. Hi Tyrone,
      Originally I was planning this as a weekend or getaway cabin, but now my perspective is changing. It's possible that when I add another room I might want to live there. The roof is now on and I used a traditional roof on top of the adobe walls.

  2. Greetings Kent,

    Nicely done! I like to look a peoples pictorial documentation of the build process. I am in the very early stages of planning my "retirement" home and am planning on earthbag as a primary building material. Did you use anything for dirt stabilization? It looks like you have a healthy clay content in your soil.


    1. Hello Jon,
      I was just looking through my blog at comments and saw for the first time your comment from last October! Sorry about that.
      Where are you building your 'retirement' home? Earthbag construction is certainly labor intensive, but very rewarding. Now that I have the roof on it is really feeling like a cabin.
      Our soil is kind of a gumbo clay/sand mix and works so perfectly for both the bag fill and the wall adobe. We didn't have to add anything to it at all, except straw when we made the adobe for the walls. Good luck on your house!