Wednesday, August 10, 2011

12th Posting - Work continues in August

Just in case anyone is interested in coming to inspect the project and help with the building, I plan on working on the cabin again the beginning of September, and again the end of October. All volunteers welcome!!

My friend Ruth Mark from Indiana came out for 9 days to help build the cabin and we were also joined for a couple days by Richard Sharp from DC. We got quite a bit of work done on the walls. Ruth and Richard packed a lot of bags, we strung barbed wire on the walls, and packed the bags into place. Now all walls have at least 13 or 14 rows of bags, or nearly two-thirds of the necessary height. Roger Brownson brought his bobcat out and moved a lot of dirt, backfilling the south and east walls up to the current height of the walls. The dirt hill behind the cabin will continue to rise with the walls so that eventually the hill comes to the roof level at the back of the cabin.

Ruth and Richard pack dirt into the bags.

Ruth has lots of bags ready to go on the walls.

Ruth demonstrates the height of the front wall.

Roger starts moving earth to backfill the east wall.

Richard catches me on camera, shoveling dirt down behind the back wall.

Tamping the bags into the wall.

Front wall after our last bag went on.

Richard standing in the picture window. Also note the earth piled behind the walls.

My white cliffs with ripening wheat fields in the foreground.

Another view of 'White Cliffs Ranch' over the grasslands and coulees.
Even with the grasses turning golden the abundant spring rains are evident!

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