Thursday, November 4, 2010

10th Posting - New Excavation and Ready for Winter!

One more posting before winter! Wednesday, November 3, we took advantage of fantastic weather - sunny and 70 degrees - to get one more work day in. Our friend Roger brought his Bobcat out and excavated another smaller area adjacent to the cabin for another eventual room, half the size of the cabin itself. It's not that we're making so much progress we had to get ready to start building more walls, but we needed more DIRT!! Roger carefully took off the top layer of sod and dumped it up behind the cabin and then created huge piles of beautiful, clean dirt which will make filling bags to finish the cabin much faster. Mounds of dirt never looked so good! Then I got the cabin ready for winter, covering all the bags with tarps to protect them from the sun, which would deteriorate them before spring.
All the walls now have 9 or 10 rows of bags, and once the weather warms again in the spring, building should go faster. The beautiful fall weather we've enjoyed resulted in wild phlox blooming again! So until next spring "Lion Cliffs Ranch and Castle" will have a long winter's nap!

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